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Help — Item Types

Items can be obtained in a variety of ways, but the two most common are the Supply Shop and Delving. Some items in the Supply Shop rotate in and out either randomly or according to a schedule. For the former, the Supply Guy will inform you if such an item is in stock for a given day.

Rare Chroma

Being more difficult to manufacture than Common Chroma, Rare Chromaʼs supply is much more limited in comparison. It is primarily obtained from the Supply Shop. Rarely, you may receive one as a daily pickup. Stock rotates daily after midnight on a fixed schedule, with each type in stock for three days of the week.

Sun. Obsidian, Silver, Gold
Mon. Silver, Gold, Bronze
Tues. Gold, Bronze, Rainbow, Ruby
Wed. Bronze, Rainbow, Sapphire
Thur. Rainbow, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby
Fri. Sapphire, Emerald, Obsidian, Ruby
Sat. Emerald, Obsidian, Silver
The current day is Saturday.


Serums alter or influence various aspects of a creature. They can be obtained from the Supply Shop, with Femme and Masc Serum also able to be obtained as a daily pickup. Serums are able to be applied when a creature you own meets some criteria for one to be used. The most common examples are Femme and Masc Serum, which can be applied when you are maturing a baby creature to the juvenile stage.


Ammo rounds change or augment the type of damage a weapon deals. They can be obtained from the Supply Shop, as well as obtained as a daily pickup. When you are in combat, you can use ammo by selecting a type from the ammo drop-down and using the Ammo Shot button to fire it. The drop-down keeps a memory of your last used ammo type, as well as your remaining quantities for each type for your convenience.


Weapons are equipment used while Delving to fend off aggressive creatures. Every weapon generates its own ammo, which deals elemental damage. When starting out, you have the SDN-1, a weapon that deals neutral damage. A weapon for each element exists, all of which are acquired in the Supply Shop.


Armour reduces the damage you take from direct attacks while Delving. When starting out, you have the Researcher Uniform, an armour with neutral element resistance but lower defence than other armours. All other armours are acquired in the Supply Shop.

Armour Add-Ons are made by combining an Add-On Kit with one Scrap. They provide additional resistances as well as a special attribute determined by the combination used.


Snacks can be used to restore your HP if it is below its maximum. To eat a snack, simply check your inventory and you will see the prompt at the top of the page. Snacks can also be used between battles in Delves, in lieu of examining an object of interest.

Snacks are primarily obtained during your interactions with the various people around Headquarters. Some will offer you a snack on a specific day of the week, and others may give you a snack when you make use of their services. You can also occasionally obtain snacks when you perform well in Simulated Delving.


Resources are items found while Delving that can be turned in at the Dropoff Station in exchange for Credits. Each day after midnight, a new resource type or two will be in higher demand, and turning in resources of said type(s) will yield more Credits. Scrap will never cycle in as higher demand. In addition to being exchanged for Credits, Scrap can also be used with Add-On Kits to craft Armour Add-Ons.

Resource Types

Resource Types: Flora, Mineral, Organism, Artefact, Element, Fossil, Scrap


Tools are items used for various purposes and are organised into sub-categories similarly to resources. Some tools are consumable items with a quantity, whereas others are not.