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Great Plume

Within the mountain range north of Headquarters lies a curiosity of great interest: a valley with a large, deep fissure. Essence flowing underground from various parts of the planet spills out from it, seemingly infinite in amount. Wanting to know more about this mysterious substance, the IA constructed a small base within the valley. Research and experiments related to essence that are too difficult to conduct at Headquarters are done directly on-site. Those willing to work at the base are aided by the many field researchers who regularly pass through the locale.

So named for the occasional spectacle of copious amounts of essence bursting out of the fissure like a geyser of sorts, the Great Plume rewards those willing to traverse its rugged terrain. Because of the low presence of higher-ups, the Plume has become a preferred spot for individuals who prefer to work with fewer disturbances from prying eyes.

Plunge into the fissure itself to gather essence and other items. Available rewards regularly rotate.