Collect creatures with a variety of colours to choose from, and breed them together to make your own fully traceable ancestry trees. Explore and battle alongside your creatures to gather resources and help the research effort. Protochroma receives regular feature and creature updates, and creating an account is free. Learn more
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Planet Chroma


Grab your gear and traverse deeper into the dangerous depths of the Sectors in search of resources.
Great Plume
A valley nestled within a mountain range where many forms of essence can be observed and collected.



Supply Shop
Credits earned by conducting research and helping Headquarters can be spent here. It's the one-stop-shop for research supplies.
Dropoff Station
Resources can be dropped off here in exchange for Credits. The demand for each type fluctuates daily, offering more Credits for those in higher demand.
Pickup Station
This is where items and other things of interest are doled out amongst all field researchers—provided that they remember to stop by and pick up their share, that is.
Headquarters has a few different infirmaries, but this one in particular is geared towards serving field researchers.
Scientists research many facets of Chroma, with each area of study having its own dedicated lab.
Ops Office
The top of the operations wing of Headquarters. It's the quiet place where the people in charge can usually be found.
An indoor retreat for personnel to kick up their feet and relax.
Field Research Info Centre
A computer interface available for use to all field researchers. Contains information about all known species. As more of a particular species is raised by everyone, more information about it will become available.