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Site Rules

Latest Update: April 12th, 2021

In addition to the Terms of Service, users who register for an account agree to abide by these Site Rules. Any updates or modifications to the Site Rules will be announced via Protochroma’s News section of its website. The date of the latest change to the Site Rules will be visibly posted below the “Site Rules” header on this page.

Keep it PG13

Protochroma is intended for audiences ages 13 years or older, which means one may encounter depictions of things such as: fictional violence, strong language, and usage of alcohol or smoking. Protochroma takes a firm stance that if it, in its own various types of content it creates for the entertainment of its users, is willing to depict these themes in a reasonable and mature manner then those with an account are allowed to do the same.

Users are not to provide or link to content that is pornographic (written or visual), excessively violent, hateful, racist, offensive, or anything else that is deemed too extreme by the Administrator and Staff.

Posting links

Users are only permitted to post links on their Account’s Bio and and within the Owner’s Notes of creatures, provided that said links comply with all other parts of the Terms of Service and Site Rules. Links posted via any other input or method are not allowed and will be removed if found. Circumventing the website’s link filters in any manner is forbidden.

The usage of strong, offensive, and threatening language

No usage of offensive or threatening language is permitted. This includes, but is not limited to: slurs, sexually explicit content, threats of violence, hateful comments, threats against another person’s or group’s wellbeing, and insults directed towards a particular person or group. Glorification of such offensive and threatening topics is not allowed, along with other dangerous topics including, but not limited to: underage drug usage, self-harm, and suicide.

The usage of strong language is permitted so long as it is not excessive or so extreme that it falls into the formerly mentioned group of offensive and threatening language. The only exception to this are usernames: usernames are not permitted to utilise strong language. Accounts with such a username may be asked to use a different username or, in extreme cases, be terminated.

Abuse of any method of input in order to post disallowed language may result in access limitations (such as losing the ability to give names and Owner’s Notes to creatures), suspension, or termination.

Respect your fellow players

Protochroma, by design, is very open-ended in how its users can choose to collect, utilise, and interact with their creatures and items. Someone may play differently than you and that’s okay; all that is asked is that you respect how they play. All that matters is that there is no violation of the Terms or Site Rules being committed.

Users cannot dictate the usage of any part of another user’s account. Likewise, they cannot dictate the usage of any part of your account as well. Please do not harass other users for any reason. If you believe there is a problem that needs to be addressed, report it and the Administrator and Staff will handle the situation.


You are yourself. Do not impersonate other people or the Administrator and Staff. If you encounter someone claiming to be the Administrator or Staff when they are not, please report it immediately.

Cheating and exploitation

Any exploitation of glitches, bugs, loopholes, or other unintended behaviours of Protochroma’s code or design is forbidden. Users should report any such occurrences immediately upon their discovery so that they can be fixed as soon as possible. Accounts may lose access to anything acquired as a result of an exploit or unintended behaviour.

The usage of scripts, programs, bots, browser add-ons, and other software or methods to automate tasks, alter the appearance of the website, or alter any functions and processes of the website in such a way as to provide an advantage or edge over other users is forbidden. Any such actions are considered cheating.