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Unnamed (ID: p8jUc)

Female Rainbow Scale Mimic
Creature Info
Owner: Blue
Species: Scale Mimic
Sex: Female
Personality: Valiant
Origin: Wild Caught
Caught: September 26th, 2023, 6:32 AM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Common
Chroma: RainbowRainbow

Species Notes

Grouping: Elemental, Arthropod

The Scale Mimic is, as its name suggests, a tiny parasitic arthropod that mimics the scales of a Fulminifer. Though these creatures are herbivores as larvae, once they reach adulthood they exclusively parasitize the dragons whose scales they mimic, feeding off the same metals which would otherwise reach the Fulminifer's outer armor. Because of this, the adult Scale Mimic takes on the colour scheme of the host, to better blend in with its surrounding neighbors and avoid notice by the dragon.

Scale Mimics are able to fly long distances in search of a suitable host. When it finds one, it nestles in between the Fulminifer's scales and works away at the root of one scale in particular, trying to loosen it. When the scale is finally shed and falls away, the parasite takes position at the follicle, burying its proboscis in the empty space to feed on the oil that coats the Fulminifer's scales with metal and pigment. The dragon may experience minor irritation in the area for a time, but as the Mimic settles in, this fades. Most wild adult Fulminifers carry at least a few Scale Mimics, which are naturally weaker than real scales but otherwise almost indistinguishable.

Artwork: Keileon


Wild Caught creatures have no recorded parents.


This creature has no recorded offspring.

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