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UnigonGreen♡ (ID: lF9l0)

Female Green Drakilin
Creature Info
Owner: kytten
Species: Drakilin
Sex: Female
Personality: Anxious
Origin: Captive Bred (G3)
Born: December 7th, 2022, 3:22 PM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Scarce
Chroma: GreenGreen

Species Notes

Grouping: Reptilian, Mammalian

Closely related to the forest-dwelling Qidrik, but far less rare, the reptilian Drakilin is a skittish, predatory therapsid. Though intelligent, Drakilin are defensive towards rival predators and will typically opt to escape rather than fight. If cornered, however, a Drakilin will use its sabre-like teeth, which can grow over six inches long, and sharp antlers to defend itself. Their senses are incredibly sharp, hunting with all of their non-tactile senses including "tasting" the air similar to a snake.

Drakilin prey on most other creatures that share its habitat, including Barkbacks, Lutreo, and Qidrik. Their prominent teeth are ideal for prying the armor off of a Barkback as well as from researchers who run afoul of one, and its powerful jaws allow it to snap bones with one well-placed bite. Antlers seem to be shed every few years, making them rare to see laying about in the wild. The plates on their tails open to reveal large spikes, and it rattles these plates to warn off rival predators or other Drakilin. The rattling makes a deceptively pleasant noise like a bamboo wind chime, though making a decoration from the plates has yielded poor results, as it seems the creature's tail muscles are uniquely evolved to produce the sound.

Artwork: Keileon


Female Pink Kelpricorn
Wild Caught
Female icon Pink Chroma
Female Pink Kelpricorn
WC (Wild Caught)
Female icon
Pink Chroma
ID: wZqu9
Male Rainbow Drakilin
Captive Bred (G2)
Male icon Rainbow Chroma
Male Rainbow Drakilin
G2(Captive Bred)
Male icon
Rainbow Chroma
ID: hbfI

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Female Pink VulluxID: _dCKD Female Silver VulluxID: svR4_V

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