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Unnamed (ID: SnowLeopard)

Male Silver Kovul
Creature Info
Owner: Wymsical
Species: Kovul
Sex: Male
Personality: Playful
Origin: Wild Caught
Caught: December 13th, 2022, 7:00 PM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Very Common
Chroma: SilverSilver

Species Notes

Grouping: Mammalian

The Kovul is a small, omnivorous predator that lives in trees and underbrush. Though it resembles creatures such as the Arthen and Lutreo, Kovul are completely unrelated, with their resemblances caused mostly by convergent evolution. This arboreal mammal relies on its dappled coat and large ears to evade the larger predators that share its habitat, and escapes up trees when faced with carnivores that can't climb or fly. Because of its small size, it's a common prey animal for larger creatures, but also a common predator for smaller animals. They hunt mostly via ambush, but may take an opportunity to scavenge or run down an injured rodent; if prey is scarce, Kovul will also eat leaves, berries, and bird eggs.

Kovul are social and highly vocal, most commonly yipping and chittering at each other to socialize, or at predators to warn them away. Though in the wild they're more often found in small den groups, even an individual out of the wild may bond fiercely with its handler and become a viable pet. Rehoming a tamed Kovul is not recommended, as the creatures form this bond almost always only with their original handler; they will be wary of and slow to trust a new person. Keeping more than one as a pet is also encouraged, as their social natures will keep each other busy and out of their handler's way.

Artwork: Keileon


Wild Caught creatures have no recorded parents.


Male Red KovulID: 7XksJL Male Red KovulID: gneo Male Silver KovulID: r_Dv Male Silver KovulID: KzY3BG Female Sapphire KovulID: AnwE33 Female Orange KovulID: XVfZd

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