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Unnamed (ID: SCMXeL)

Female Emerald Vitrevern
Creature Info
Owner: Amazon_warrior
Species: Vitrevern
Sex: Female
Personality: Lazy
Origin: Wild Caught
Caught: May 10th, 2021, 11:57 AM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Common
Chroma: EmeraldEmerald

Species Notes

Grouping: Reptilian, Avian

Vitreverns are a common pest that nests along the Chroma Coast, stealing anything that looks shiny as soon as they can get in a researcher's blind spot. Though not aggressive, they are incessant and unafraid of larger creatures and rely on their numbers to swarm and annoy those creatures—and researchers—away from the object of interest. The demeanor of a wild Vitrevern changes depending on the size of its swarm; in large numbers, they are gregarious and bold; an adult is fully willing to land near a non-hostile creature and look around for pretties. A lone Vitrevern, however, becomes skittish and flighty—darting into the air at any creature approaching, chirping loudly in an effort to call its swarm. If cornered in this scenario, the Vitrevern will deliver a painful nip to its attacker and fly away.

Despite their appearance, Vitreverns are not actually made of glass. Rather, they have glossy, translucent scales that are smooth to the touch and refract light, making them difficult to see in large swarms on a sunny day: each individual will reflect light on its peers, and it can be difficult and painful to attempt to look directly at the swarm and focus on one creature. They use a similar tactic in their nests; Vitrevern eggs are also reflective of light, and create this effect in nests of glass and anything shiny the parent was able to gather from the surrounding area. Originally it was unknown how these reptiles found the glass needed, until a wild specimen was seen spitting out a bright, sparkling substance reminiscent of white fire in order to melt nearby sand into glass. They only seem to use this sparingly, rarely using it in defense and never when hunting. Vitreverns are carnivorous scavengers, content to steal the kill of a larger predator, but will willingly attack small reptiles for a quick meal.

Artwork: Keileon

Owner's Notes

Emerald Chroma


Wild Caught creatures have no recorded parents.


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