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Unnamed (ID: QtbN9)

Male Green Demon Weed
Creature Info
Owner: lamsweete
Species: Demon Weed
Sex: Male
Personality: Mischievous
Origin: Wild Caught
Caught: February 18th, 2022, 9:09 AM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Uncommon
Chroma: GreenGreen

Species Notes

Grouping: Flora

Demon Weeds are patient ambush predators that lurk in the foliage and rubble throughout forested areas, luring potential prey in with their sweet-smelling, fruit-like lures. When a prospective meal draws close enough, it will ensnare them with its thorny vine and attempt to stuff the now-weakened prey in its massive maw. It will consume smaller creatures whole even if they're still alive, but it will go through the extra effort to ensure larger prey is killed before it attempts to feed on it. They are quite slow-moving, and thus have a difficult time escaping from threats. While they are sturdy and can usually hold their own in a fight against one other creature, a cooperative pack of creatures can easily overwhelm them.

In the wild Demon Weeds are often observed fighting Knuttes, with the former attempting to protect their territory and the latter merely being enticed by the prospect of eating a large, juicy fruit. Due to the two being relatively similar in size, these fights are more a matter of survival than one genuinely attempting to eat the other. While they won't eat any Knutte they ensnare, they will ensure that they, at the very least, are gravely wounded and will think twice before attempting to disturb them again. Curiously, Demon Weeds in captivity are very easy to tame and will readily respond to commands if one makes the effort to train them. They're quite good at knowing better than to try and bite the hand that feeds them.

Artwork: Wymsical


Wild Caught creatures have no recorded parents.


This creature has no recorded offspring.

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