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Unnamed (ID: JBIk)

Female Purple Updog
Creature Info
Owner: niceworld
Species: Updog
Sex: Female
Personality: Anxious
Origin: Captive Bred (G9)
Born: January 31st, 2023, 5:43 PM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Scarce
Chroma: PurplePurple

Species Notes

Grouping: Mammalian, Arthropod

The Updog is an omnivorous creature found in caverns, particularly around Mining Site S. They are notable for their frequent habit of staying to the highest reaches of whatever space they are living in, hence the name. Updogs frequently hunt by dangling from the ceiling, staying attached by their rear few sets of paws and reaching for anything that brushes against them. When they feel something, they grab onto it and attempt to wrap it in their sticky silk, then attach it to the ceiling to share with the others in their pack. They also forage for mosses and fungi. They find Fungusmonger mushrooms particularly delicious.

Updogs are highly social, and when not hunting or foraging, frequently can be found huddled together, grooming each other's fur and keeping each other warm. As a result, they are easily tamed, even when caught as wild adults, and can be encouraged to ride on a keeper's shoulder.

Artwork: Sora


Female Rainbow Updog
Captive Bred (G6)
Female icon Rainbow Chroma
Female Rainbow Updog
G6(Captive Bred)
Female icon
Rainbow Chroma
ID: b7il0M
Male Pink Updog
Captive Bred (G8)
Male icon Pink Chroma
Male Pink Updog
G8(Captive Bred)
Male icon
Pink Chroma
ID: KrJmpv

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This creature has no recorded offspring.

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