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Unnamed (ID: Illusion)

Hermaphrodite Orange Xirotefani
Creature Info
Owner: Wymsical
Species: Xirotefani
Sex: Hermaphrodite
Personality: Stoic
Origin: Wild Caught
Caught: December 16th, 2022, 7:00 PM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Common
Chroma: OrangeOrange

Species Notes

Grouping: Reptilian, Celestial

Xirotefani are colourful relatives of both Citherae and Lightcatchers. They are highly iridescent, with the exact hues and shades of their scales changing drastically depending on the lighting. They have what is thought to be a symbiotic relationship with the gems that trail around them; both dragon and gem attract one another, and it's not uncommon to see an adult being orbited by several at a time. If a gem is unable to find a Xirotefani itself, it will attract one to it. Xirotefani themselves are unorthodox breeders, and reproduce by shedding the gems that grow on their wings, spines, and tails. It's unclear where the actual hatchlings come from; a current theory is that the dragon is an inorganic creature created by the gem's energy.

Study shows that both the dragon and the floating gems are separate creatures, though the gems still attached to a Xirotefani are not "alive". The relationship between the two seems to be similar to that between colonial organisms, or coral and algae; the gems can therefore be classified as zooids, simply on a more massive scale. Xirotefani are predatory and defensive; outside of hunting, a healthy adult will not attack unprovoked, but will act aggressive when approached by anything it deems a threat. If hand-raised, they will tolerate their handler, but are still extremely wary of strangers and are known to bite. Though they don't glow on their own, the gems are able to give bright flashes that startle or distract other creatures, allowing the Xirotefani to escape or attack as warranted.

Artwork: Keileon


Wild Caught creatures have no recorded parents.


Hermaphrodite Red XirotefaniID: _TcQMu Hermaphrodite Rainbow XirotefaniID: gaF3D Hermaphrodite Orange XirotefaniID: xBpQIh Hermaphrodite Red XirotefaniID: CZwx Hermaphrodite Gold XirotefaniID: Y6t3J Hermaphrodite Orange XirotefaniID: UbkbS Hermaphrodite Orange XirotefaniID: tXXd5J

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