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Unnamed (ID: HowToPlay)

Female juvenile creature
Creature Info
Owner: Wymsical
Sex: Female
Personality: Haughty
Origin: Wild Caught
Caught: January 12th, 2021, 3:02 PM
Stage: Juvenile
Rarity: Rare
Time Left: 6 days, 13 hours
Time Needed: 13 hours, 26 minutes

Species Notes

The shell cracks with surprising ease from the inside, and a strange reptilian creature uncurls from its long confinement. The creature's eyes are a bright neon green, as are the long fins on its back and tail. The hatchling is curious and inquisitive, but also largely quiet. Despite its quietness, the creature seems to have boundless energy, running around its allowable space, jumping onto high perches, getting into supplies, and seeking out any source of water large enough to swim in. When it gets particularly excited, the air beneath its paws seems to waver and shimmer strangely.

Artwork: Keileon


Wild Caught creatures have no recorded parents.

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