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Unnamed (ID: 4CpvU)

Male Emerald Painted Kalak
Creature Info
Owner: warphammock
Species: Painted Kalak
Sex: Male
Personality: Valiant
Origin: Captive Bred (G4)
Born: August 16th, 2022, 12:01 PM
Stage: Adult
Rarity: Seasonal
Chroma: EmeraldEmerald

Species Notes

Grouping: Mammalian, Flora

Painted Kalaks are a species of mammal that appear to have lost their endothermy in exchange for developing heat-sensing pits along their lips and symbiosis with water-storing desert flora. They hide near oases in tall grass, with only their tail-plants sticking out, and ambush herbivores. They are more active at night, after spending all day basking and sleeping while soaking up heat.

Painted Kalaks in the wild will attack large prey, and have been known to injure researchers who fail to notice one and get too close. In captivity, they need to be kept in very hot enclosures, but they do bond with their handlers and will not attack them. Their symbiotic plants can be gently harvested from without harm, and contain a gel that's extremely good at soothing burns--overharvesting, though, can lead to dehydration, as they store much of their water in the plants.

Artwork: Sora


Female Bronze Painted Kalak
Captive Bred (G2)
Female icon Bronze Chroma
Female Bronze Painted Kalak
G2(Captive Bred)
Female icon
Bronze Chroma
Lieutenant Y
Male Pink Gemstealer
Captive Bred (G3)
Male icon Pink Chroma
Lieutenant Y
Male Pink Gemstealer
G3(Captive Bred)
Male icon
Pink Chroma
ID: Lt-Y

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