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Updates and Upcoming Release Posted February 26th, 2021, 7:02 PM

Several new things have been added tonight. These include: the very first subsector, the infirmary, and new emojis.

Subsector: Shimmering Pond

Once a day, you can visit the Shimmering Pond to acquire resources. This is the very first subsector, an additional area within a Sector. In pratice, subsectors can be very simple (like this one is) or complex in nature, so don't expect future ones to be solely based upon gathering resources.


You can visit the infirmary and meet a new face there! At the infirmary you'll be able to restore your HP once a day, and at a cost otherwise. The complete details are on the infirmary page itself. You can access the infirmary from the explore index or the site menu.


Over the last week we made several emojis for our Discord server, and you can now these very same emojis in your bio.

Upcoming Release

A new regular creature will be released on March 6th, 9AM Server Time (Pacific). A news posting will accompany the release with further details.