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The Exchange Posted August 19th, 2023, 12:10 PM

The big day is finally here, we now have one-way transfers for growing creatures! You can access this new area, dubbed The Exchange, through the main navigation menu or from your Research Profile. This is the first of a three part update revolving around transferring, trading, and cross-account breeding.

You can create one-way transfers for growing creatures for both private and public use. We've got a public one-way board where you can post transfers for all users to browse through. Here's a few nifty things about one-way transfers:

  • You can set a pin for extra security (not available for public board transfers).
  • Creatures within your hold slots can be put into a transfer. Trying to breed something for a friend to claim right away but you don't have space? No problem if you've got a free hold slot!
  • You're only limited by your own slots.
  • Growing creatures of all types are eligible, unless they are internally marked as untradeable or unabandonable (such as with Delving rewards), or are too low on time left.

One-way transfers cost Credits to both create and claim. Any creatures within a transfer that are part of the owner's hold slots have to be claimed into the appropriate open slot—held creatures do not get transferred into the claimer's hold slots. As the creator of any particular transfer you are privy to the information of who claimed said transfer, but other users are not.

That said, this update does put Protochroma into a bit of an inbetweener state where trading is technically possible with the tools the game provides you, but is not officially supported by the site itself yet. This means while you are perfectly free to engage in trades for other creatures by utilising one-way transfers and negotiating with other users, you are offered zero protection by Protochroma itself. You choose to engage in such trading at your own risk! But we like to hope most people are nice regardless of that.

Some portions of the UI for this new update will be receiving updates and additions. These will include minor alterations to information display, as well as the ability to browse through your transfer-related history.