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Simulated Delving Posted September 15th, 2021, 3:50 PM

Delving has been expanded to now include a new mode: Simulated Delving. Simulations allow you to play infinitely, compete with other users for a spot on the leaderboards, and earn snacks for performing well.

Simulated Delving can be accessed from the existent Delving page, having its own index with parameters that you can set. The help page for Delving has been updated to include information on Simulated Delving and all of the ways it differs from Standard Delving.

At the time of writing one simulation is available. Data from runs in this simulation will be used to further improve the Simulated Delving system and the design of future simulations. There are two new features within Delving as a whole that can be encountered in this simulation:

  • Objects of interest that only appear in a certain room range.
  • Venom ammo that poisons the target for several turns.

Venom ammo currently cannot be acquired outside of this simulation, but it will become available in a future update.

Because the one simulation available is partially being used to publicly test the balancing of functions within Simulated Delving, this means that the data associated with the simulation itself may change without notice. While in the short-term this may have an effect on the ability of placing high on the leaderboards, in-progress updates to the Delving system as a whole will render those differences as inconsequential.