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Ruby and Tan Chroma Posted December 9th, 2021, 11:12 AM

Today we're elated to introduce two new Chroma: Ruby and Tan! This is something that has been very long in the making, from even before Protochroma launched. We'll also take this moment to say that no, new Chroma are not going to be a regular thing. We decided we wanted to add two more Chroma late into development, but by then the amount of code that needed to be reworked to accomodate additional Chroma was significant. Why did we decide we want two more? Simple: 16 is a much nicer number to work with than 14! We're confident that you'll agree.

All 42 species now have Ruby and Tan variants. A small handful of species also had some additional changes as well:

Species with a new standard variant:

  • Long-Nosed Wheel Crab
  • Aceranguis

Species with slightly altered thumbnails:

  • Knutte
  • Lutreo
  • Female Voidwalker

If you do not see some of these updated images, clearing your browser's cache will resolve the issue.

Ruby Chroma, like other Rare Chroma, rotates in for three days out of the week and is obtainable as a daily pickup. Tan Chroma is a Common Chroma and can be used infinitely just like all others. Both new Chroma have been tacked onto the end of all instances of Chroma sorting.

Various Page Updates

Several pages, including some help pages, have been updated to accommodate both this update and the introduction of hermaphroditic creatures from a few weeks ago.

Fall Seasonal Creatures

A large batch of additional Seasonals will be generated in order to accommodate the introduction of these two new Chroma.