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Resource List and Official Wiki Posted May 27th, 2023, 12:54 PM

Resource List

FRIC's gotten a new addition in the form of the Resource List! From it you can search through all Resources, and any you've acquired at any point will have full entries with extra information. You can also see how many of all currently available Resources you've found. Do note that FRIC knows when you've had a Resource at any point, you do not need to currently own one to see the full entry.

Official Wiki

This one can't be introduced without a big thank you to those who worked on one of the previous community-run wikis. Protochroma now has an officially hosted wiki maintained by those very same people along with the admin taking care of the webhosting side. If you're ever looking for more in-depth information on any part of the game, it's absolutely your best bet!

The wiki has a permanent menu link right next to the site's own help section.