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New Items and Stock Rotation Posted November 10th, 2021, 7:58 PM

New Rotating Items

Two new items (though one of these you've already probably encountered), Venom Ammo and Fertility Serum, are being introduced today along with a new mechanic to the Supply Shop itself: randomly rotating stock items. Unlike Rare Chroma, these items don't rotate on a fixed schedule, instead having a chance to show up in the Supply Shop each day. The chance for this is rolled once a day at midnight, with each individual item's chances of appearing increasing each day it is not stocked. Supply Guy will let you know whenever any of these randomly rotating items are in stock.

Venom Ammo

Venom poisons the target for several turns, dealing additional damage to the poisoned target for its duration. It deals elemental damage according to your equipped weapon.

Fertility Serum

Fertility Serum is used when breeding two creatures together in order to lower their breeding cooldowns by one day. One serum is good for one pairing. To go along with this item, there is also a toggle for automatically filling in the checkboxes to use Fertility Serum when breeding creatures according to rarity.

Updated Juvenile Maturation Page

The page for maturing juvenile creatures has been updated. It is largely the same functionally, but has received several notable improvements:

  • The preview image lightbox now wraps across all Chromas, instead of being separated by type.
  • The button for selecting a Chroma is now aligned with its respective preview.
  • There is a filter for Chroma name and type.
  • A toggle to lock buttons now exists on the page, to help prevent accidental button presses when making your decision.