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Item Images, Upcoming Release, And More Posted March 27th, 2021, 9:54 PM

Item Images

Images for most items have been worked on and uploaded over the past couple of weeks. At the time of writing, the only planned item images still being worked on are those for Scrap. They're taking a bit longer due to the sheer amount of them, but they will all be uploaded once every single one is finished.

Site Tweaks

Various small bug fixes and tweaks have been pushed in the past couple of weeks. Two changes not related to errors were made during this same time period:

  • Giant Nut and Shiny Metal Fragment have been reclassified as Artefacts.
  • Creatures now keep a record of their breeding mates. You cannot access this data at the time of writing, but will be able to once an interface that takes advantage of this data is made.

Expect the following changes to occur sometime during the next week:

  • Updates to some error pages.
  • You will no longer be able to breed creatures while having an active Delving session.
  • Updates to the UI of Friends management.

Preparations are being made for the first set of Limited Run Delves. When they are ready, they will be announced as part of their own news post, which will also detail how these types of Delves will be handled moving forward. There will be two of them to start, one to acquire an item, and another to acquire a baby Cassicide.

Upcoming Creature Release

A new creature will start appearing at 9AM Server Time on March 31st. A news post with more information will be made at the same time as the release.