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Growth Memos, Roadmap, Upcoming Release Posted May 22nd, 2022, 3:16 PM

Hey, remember when we said there would be some new stuff? That's finally happening now! Thanks so much for your patience.

Growth Memos

Most of us have been there, that dreaded feeling in one's gut after accidentally using the wrong serum or Chroma. Well, we've not only cooked up a solution for that, we took a step further and added some utility to what we made.

Growth memos can be used to better control a creature's maturation as well as add any additional notes for your reference. With them, you can set for a specific serum and/or Chroma to be used at each maturation stage. These nifty memos also persist upon abandonment, meaning that you can use them as a way to pass a message or instructions onto the next owner. You could also just use them to tell someone random to have a nice day, if you're just looking for a vector to spread some positivity.

Expect small updates to the growth memo interface over the course of the next couple of weeks.


Some weeks ago, you may have noticed a new face around Headquarters. Trust us—there will be even more than just our one new friend.

Looking Ahead

The next two big coding projects going on are the trading system and Delving expansion. The latter is going to consist of a new tier of Delves that have more complexity, as well as there finally being the very first use for Scrap. Don't you worry your pretty little head, it won't be the only use for Scrap ever.

The creation of the growth memo system also included the beginnings of the trading framework being laid down. Trading is intended to be released in three parts:

  • One-way Trades
  • Studding (AKA cross-account breeding)
  • Two-way Trades

We have a very good idea of what we want to build for our trading system. Our intention is to take our time to ensure we're building a robust system from the get-go, but we also don't want you to wait too terribly long. This consideration led to our decision to split up the update in parts, in the order listed above.

Upcoming Creature Release

A new creature will start appearing at 8:00PM Server Time on May 27th. A news post will additional information will be posted at the same time. This will be an atypical release, in more ways than one...