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Fall Breeding Season 2023 Posted October 14th, 2023, 1:30 PM

Fall Breeding Season 2023 is on! The Swamped Factory will be generating three seasonal rarity creatures through the end of November 18th 2023. Seasonal creatures use separate slots from your regular ones, so now's the time to swing by and be able to easily raise more creatures at once. During this same period of time, these fall season creatures will always breed true, after which they will breed true very rarely until their next breeding season. They will still use the same seasonal creature slots during the off-season.

While the creatures will generate until the end of the given date, if Swamped Factory still has unclaimed creatures after that point then it will continue to be accessible until its supply has been depleted. These creatures will become available in the Swamped Factory again next year.

After Swamped Factory vanishes for the year, Swamp Essence will be able to be acquired for a limited time by excavating at the Great Plume.

If you don't see any creatures right away, don't worry—more will appear every 10 minutes.