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The Big June Update Posted June 6th, 2021, 2:09 PM

There's a lot going on in this update, so let's break it down into bite-size pieces. Speaking of which...


Snacks are a new item type that allow you to restore your HP. You can use them from your inventory, or between battles in Delves. Every new recruit starts out with 5 Food Cubes. If you've been here a while, don't worry, because you've been given your well-deserved rations too.

For the time being, the primary method of obtaining snacks is during your interactions with various people around Headquarters. As the variety of snacks is expanded, so too shall the methods of obtaining them.

Limited Run Delves

Two new limited run Delves are now active until the end of the this month:

  • Cave Entrance — Item reward
  • Voidwalker Hangout — Creature reward

Images in Profiles & Owner's Notes

You can now use images in your profile's bio and Owner's Notes. Because of the site's responsive layout, any images will scale themselves down accordingly depending on the container they're in and what device they're being viewed on. Images, just like all other content, must not be rule-breaking in any manner.

Additional Character Dialogue

Dr. Chanti and Lt. Steele now have new lines of dialogue for when they give you a snack. Narii-Ta has received a wealth of new lines, all depedent on the current day of the week and if you've claimed your daily pickup.

Sector Page Update

When exploring Sectors, their flavour text will now be hidden underneath a prompt to make them visible. This was done as part of a change to improve efficiency while also being considerate of screen real estate on this page. Because of this change, the toggle to hide Sector flavour text completely has been removed.

Layout Tweaks & Fixes

If you were just on a page and found yourself thinking "wait, did that always look like that?", well, it probably didn't! A lot of changes (some very noticeable, others very subtle) were made to many pages, as well as the main layout. Several problems with page elements not being properly aligned (mostly for mobile) were also found and fixed.

Help Updates

The help section has received a few additions, most notably parts that detail snacks and how to use/obtain them.

Creature Slots Refactor

The mechanism for handling creature slots has been completely rewritten from the ground up in order to improve efficiency. Ideally this change should be an invisible one, but it is a large one and meant that many, many portions of code were replaced as a result. While great care was taken to ensure that all slot handling and display is functioning properly, if you for any reason encounter some kind of error, don't hesitate to report it. You can send in reports via our #bug-report channel on our Discord (you can also DM the admin directly as well) or from the Report Centre on your account page.

Delving Updates

As mentioned earlier, you can now use snacks in lieu of examining an object of interest when in a Delve.

Laboratory Depths had two random encounter Lutreo with the same statistics. One of these encounters has been changed to emerald instead of white.

When Delving with a Tagalong, they should no longer attempt a search reset when you are already able to use the search action.