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Avatars, Upcoming Release Posted March 5th, 2023, 6:44 PM

Upcoming Release

A new creature will start appearing at 7:00PM Server Time on March 6th. A news post will additional information will be posted at the same time.


While announced a little while ago through the smaller updates page, a formal announcement is also being made here for the addition of avatars. You can upload and manage avatars to display on the site through the Account page. Avatars will be gradually worked into various parts of the UI, the most recent of which being their inclusion on Standard Delving result pages. As you may imagine, this will result in the UI of some pages being rearranged slightly in order to properly display them.

Avatars are the beginning of an effort to introduce inter-player communication of various kinds. These avenues of communication will be gradually introduced over the course of several months. Considerations in regards to privacy and safety are being made as these systems are being built to ensure that players have some control over how much others are able to interact with them.